Summer 2019

We are excited to offer weekly themed programs throughout the summer! Activities will be based on the principles of Montessori learning.

There is the option of attending in the morning only or to enroll in an extended-day program.

Program schedule for this summer will be:

June 10-14           Creepy Crawlers                      Snakes, snails, and creatures that live under logs

June 17-21          All Aboard                               Trains, trains, trains

June 24-28          Around the World in 5 Days    Experiencing the cultures, foods, and games of the continents

July 1-5                All About Me                      Learning about anatomy, healthy choices, and emotions

July 8-12              Constructing Our World       Machines, tools, and how we use them

July 15-19            Artists All Around             Painting, sculpting, and creating, instruments, music, and dance

July 22-26            Diggin’ Dinosaurs                  Discovering a prehistoric world

July 29-Aug 2       Staying Safe in Our Wide, Wide World       Learning about safety and our community

Aug 5-9                Exploring the Ocean Blue        From the sandy shore to the depth of the abyss

Aug 12-16            Beyond Planet Earth              Exploring what is out in space

Aug 19-23            Outdoor Extravaganza      Camping, hiking, and the wonders of nature